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Make a Profit!! Sell Every Book

Tri-State Litho is unlike any other printer you will ever use... Why you ask? Our sales team will advise you to only print the quantity of books that you know you will sell or distribute in a very short time, instead of investing large quantities to try and reduce your unit cost.

Short-Run Press Runs Are Where We Are Most Competitive!

Be Careful...when buying in large quantities to reduce your unit costs on books! It has been proven that at least 25% of the books purchased become out of date while in storage or book sales weren't what they were expected and the books sit in your closet or end up on remaining on the shelves. This 25% is a direct cost to your unit price. Our Ultra Short Run Book Printing allows you to maintain a very reasonable unit cost so you can realize a profit by selling all of the books you print with us. The other benefit of Ultra Short Runs is the editing and revision capabilities. Don't tie up large amounts of cash in book inventories that are out of date. Get updated information to your clients "On Demand."

Don't Over Order...Every book can be a prosperous one.

We do not insist on fixed sizes, papers or inks for your publications: Tri-State Litho can create unique customer publications in short runs at affordable prices.

The Different Printing Methods.

Our two methods of printing, digital printing and conventional offset makes us especially efficient in the Ultra short-run book printing process.

Digital Printing

Most first time authors and experienced publishers looking to test the marketability of a new title will choose the Digital Printing method for all of its obvious advantages.

With the advent of digital printing, authors can now affordably publish and print in quantities as low as 50 books with quality comparable to offset. Digital printing assures consistency through out the printing process by reducing the possibility of human and mechanical error inherent in traditional offset printing. This is achieved by eliminating the need for film, plates and color matching inks and instead printing directly to paper from the computer disk you supply.


  • affordable short run printing as low as 50 books

  • consistent quality printing
  • fast turn around, days not weeks
  • proof is a sample of finished book
  • edits are fast and affordable
  • complete process can be accomplished via the Internet
  • ideal for standard sizes 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 6 x 9, 7 x 10, and 8 1/2 x 11 books
  • reprints from the same file
  • full color covers are now very affordable


  • only cost effective up 1000 books

  • photo quality good, but limited
  • limited to black ink for text
  • paper stock and size limitations
  • spot colors not available

Offset Printing

Offset printing is best used for books printed in quantities greater than 1000 and require a high degree of flexibility in the finished book. Offset printing uses film, plates and inks to achieve accurate color reproduction.

Unlike digital printing, the initial setup costs for offset printing are generally high, but, as the quantity ordered increases, these costs are spread over a larger number of books, causing the unit cost per book to decrease dramatically. Offset printing makes perfect and case bound book printing very affordable in quantities between 1000 and 5000.


  • cost effective in larger quantities

  • greater range of paper and ink choices
  • spot colors
  • great photo quality
  • fewer page size limitations
  • text can be any ink color


  • longer turnaround time

  • greater setup costs
  • edits are costly and create delays
  • more steps involved in the process

How to decide on the best method to print your book:

If your book is a standard size, prints black on 50# or 60# book paper, good but limited photo quality is acceptable, the cover is either black or full color and your requirements are under 1000 books then you should choose the Digital Printing method; otherwise the Offset Printing method is generally the best way to go. If you need more information please contact Kumar Persad @ 800-836-7581 extension 444.