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Announcing ColorPage

On January 1st 2010, we will be changing our name to ColorPage... as demand for our affordable, digital color print solutions continues to grow, we have realized it is necessary to retire our current name Tri-State Litho and re-brand ourselves for the future. We will be printing more Color with our expanded digital print production facility and more short run publications increasing our Page impressions.  As print runs become shorter the digital print process is ideal to reduce costs and improve the environment by having less paper go to waste. 

Our long-standing management team and employees are as always; ready to meet your needs with quality service and products. We ask that all existing client please update our name in your accounting records.

For more information call 800-836-7581 dial 0

New FREE Writers' Guide Now Available!

FREE, Self-Publishing Guide to help writers understand the printing and publishing process.

This new guide will walk you through the book printing process with updated information about current digital print services offered. Click here to order the guide.

Tri-State Litho breaks new ground by offering online BARCODES... FREE!

Our programmers have created custom code that will generate an online barcode for your book's cover design from your ISBN and selling price.

"Authors have been requesting this service for many years. We are pleased to be the first printer to provide barcodes for cover designs that are all inclusive. To my knowledge, Tri-State Litho is the only book printer to offer this valuable service with instant online results." Frank Campagna, President

Click here to access the barcode generator.

Instant book prices online!

Access our "Book Price Wizard" for instant, online pricing of your book. Choose from a complete set of options including the turn around time you require. When you complete all options you will immediately receive an online price and the cost breakdown. A quick and easy way for publishers and first-time authors to know their printing costs printing cost for budget considerations. Click here to access our Book Price Wizard.

Website visitors find real value with our NEW online offer...

Looking for an affordable way to promote your next book signing or to announce a new title?


"We at Tri-State Litho are always developing new ideas and methods to assist authors in the promotion of their books," Kumar Persad, Trade book specialist.

Tri-State Litho Expands Capabilities

Tri-State Litho, a nationally known trade printer for short run books and publications, has combined the quality and speed of the Oce' Variable Data - Digital Black and White Printing System with the Heidelberg Full Color On-Demand Printer, the world's most productive 12" (32cm) digital full color web.

Frank Campagna - President, Tri-State Associated ServicesAs a short-run trade book printer, the demands to meet faster turnaround time, higher quality and lower costs have always been goals we strived for. Meeting those demands has now become a reality with our Oce' system. Both the text and covers of our books can now be produced completely digital - from a disk, from the Internet, or from a hardcopy.

A typical example of a project we completed was a 208 page, 5-½ x 8-½ book, with black and white text pages that included graphics, and a four-color cover. The broker sent us the job on disk and requested that we make delivery of 300 books by Thursday. We finished them on Wednesday.

"We have found that publishers prefer the "Copy/Press" technology of our Oce' system with its offset-like image quality, versus the shiny black imaging of digital copiers; we have been experiencing great success with the PDF files for both the text and cover. Digital proofs can be posted in a secure area of our website and the final proof is a finished product."

Frank Campagna, President

Tri-State--Reinvent and Refocus

Tri-State may have grown with technology, but Frank Campagna remains at eye level with his customers. BY ERIK CAGLE - Printing Impressions

"Since you are reading this, it can be assumed that you are, in one form or another, a partner in the large chain of worldwide communications. You are a communications provider, directly or indirectly, through the printed or electronic word. Your livelihood depends upon the need for people to relay information, and the ways and means of communication are evolving, changing, taking shape, and in some cases vanishing quicker than the time it takes to burn a CD". Click here for the complete article on

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